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来源:http://www.sdrunjing.com/ 日期:2020-09-08 发布人:润静小编
  At present, the maintenance of instruments and equipment is a rather complicated work. Many institutions have equipment departments responsible for maintaining the safety and stability of equipment. However, there are still many problems that many equipment maintenance personnel do not understand or pay attention to. Here again to everyone under the popularization of laboratory equipment maintenance and maintenance.
  1、 Careful daily maintenance is very important to ensure the normal operation of instruments and equipment
  Daily maintenance seems simple, but it is not paid attention to, and it is easy to be ignored; however, most of the time, big problems are often accumulated by small problems. It is necessary to actively cooperate with clinical users to keep the surface of the instrument clean; check whether the voltage and power supply are normal before use; pay attention to observe whether the function of the instrument is normal and fill in the use record during the use. In the daily maintenance to develop good habits to avoid damage events.
  2、 Equipment maintenance work, must be carefully handled, not careless
  In case of equipment failure, it is necessary to collect and prepare information before maintenance, including model, factory number, time of failure, whether there is abnormal sound when the fault occurs, whether there has been sudden power failure, whether the instrument has moved, etc.
  In maintenance, attention should be paid to the sequence in the process of dismantling the medical equipment, and do not use brute force to dismantle it. Remove the fastening screws, small pieces, etc. should not be placed at random, should be classified and placed to avoid loss. After the equipment is repaired and installed, the equipment is restored step by step in the reverse order, and there are no spare parts. Damaged spare parts should also be marked. After replacement, they should be restored to their original state without any mistakes.
  After the maintenance work is completed, clean the surface of the instrument and turn on the power supply to see if it can work normally. Calibrate the instrument and restore it to normal working state, and then give it to the user for trial to check whether the instrument is restored to the original working state, so as to avoid hidden dangers. Then clean up the site, check whether there are missing tools, and fill in the maintenance log for future reference.
  The protection engineer in maintenance should pay attention to the protection work when maintaining the instrument, whether it is leakage or cross infection and other problems, should pay attention to protection. Do not cause unnecessary accidental injury.
  Third, regular maintenance and inspection should be carried out to find and solve problems as soon as possible
  Appearance inspection: firstly, check whether the buttons, switches, connectors and sockets of the instrument are loose and misplaced, whether the contact of plug and socket is oxidized, rusty or poor contact, whether the power line is aging, whether the heat dissipation and exhaust is normal, and whether the connection of various grounding and pipelines are good.
  Cleaning and maintenance:
  It is to clean the surface and internal electrical and mechanical parts of the instrument, including cleaning the filter screen and related pipes, cleaning the plug and socket of the instrument, preventing poor contact, and lubricating the necessary mechanical parts.
  Replacement of wearing parts:
  The components that have reached the service life and performance decline, and do not meet the requirements or the accessories replaced regularly according to the requirements in the operation manual should be replaced in time to prevent possible fault expansion or the whole machine failure. In case of insufficient battery charging, relevant personnel shall be urged to charge regularly to eliminate obvious and potential faults of the equipment.
  Function check:
  开机检查各指示灯、指示器是否正常, 通过调节、设置各个开关和按钮,进入各功能设置, 以检查设备的基本功能是否正常。通过模拟测试, 检查设备各项报警功能是否正常。
  Turn on the machine to check whether the indicator lights and indicators are normal. Through adjusting and setting the switches and buttons, enter the function settings to check whether the basic functions of the equipment are normal. Through the simulation test, check whether the alarm function of the equipment is normal.
  Performance test calibration:
  测试各直流电源的稳压值、电路中要测试点电压值或波形并根据说明书的要求进行必要的校准和调整, 以保证仪器各项技术指标达到标准,确保仪器在医疗诊断与治疗中的质量。
  Test the voltage stabilizing value of each DC power supply, the voltage value or waveform of the test point in the circuit, and conduct necessary calibration and adjustment according to the requirements of the manual, so as to ensure that the technical indicators of the instrument reach the standard and ensure the quality of the instrument in medical diagnosis and treatment.
  security check:
  1.检查机架是否牢固, 机械运转是否正常,各连接部件有无松动、脱落或破裂现象。
  1. Check whether the frame is firm, whether the mechanical operation is normal, and whether the connecting parts are loose, falling off or broken.
  2. Check whether all kinds of leads, plugs and connectors are damaged, whether the grounding wire is firm, and whether the grounding resistance and leakage current are within the allowable limits.

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